As a young child, I was filled with dreams of adventure and mesmerized by grand heroes, in big dusty books that I almost always read by candlelight. I was certain that someday I would be brandishing a sword in a duel, finding dinosaurs deep under the earth, or uncovering a lost relic from a civilization long since forgotten. And while meeting a dragon is still on my to-do-list, I have recently left my home behind to embark on some slightly more tangible adventures of my own.

Accompanied by my girlfriend, and our “little band of misfit toys” we explore our surrounding lands, experience different cultures and cuisines, and say yes to life.

Random Interesting Facts
  • I’m 6ft tall.
  • I was impaled by a deer’s antlers and lived to tell the tale.
  • I have very large pupils.
  • I type on a French style keyboard instead of QWERTY.
  • I kill at Scrabble.
  • I lived in a tent for a year.
  • I can sing all five octaves.
  • My nails grow at 1/100th the time of normal people’s.
  • I’m lactose intolerant but love all things cheese
  • I triple majored in Russian Literature/ Philosophy and French
  • I entered college at 15 years old
  • I have an IQ of 174

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